Does Somizi Mhlongo use bitcoin trading robots?

Many speculations are being made about the cryptocurrency markets, including who is investing and who isn’t. Rumours abound about Somizi Mhlongo. Social Media rumours claim that Somizi made an investment in Bitcoin & Ethereum using the Immediate edge platform.

This is how we investigate to find out if they are true.

Who is Somizi Mhlongo?

Somizi Mhlongo is a well-known South African Actor, Media Star, Social Influencer, and Choreographer. His 1992 movie Sarafina is his best-known film role. Somizi is now a prominent choreographer, having been the main choreographer for numerous shows and major events like the Fifa World Cup Ceremonies or the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

He is well-known for his role as a judge on Idols South Africa. His reality series “Living the Dream with Somizi” premiered in 2016 on Mzansi Magic.

Somizi is also a radio host on Metro FM’s “The Fresh Breakfast” with DJ Fresh. Somizi hosted a weekly radio program on Metro FM, which had a large audience. Somizi, despite recent allegations of abuse against his husband, is a well-liked South African Celebrity. He is a true media personality.

Somizi’s Other Ventures

Somizi also has been involved in many other ventures. Because he is a South African icon for Social Media, he has spent much time and effort in building his social media image. His influence is evident in a number of endorsement agreements with DSTV and Department of Water and Sanitation, as well as McDonalds where he was the McCafe coach. Somizi also invested heavily in the creation of his autobiography.

How rich is Somizi?

Somizi has managed a lot of his wealth, as well as his private life, under wraps. An estimated net worth of $5 million, Somizi is the richest man in the world. This was achieved through his numerous ventures and work in the television and media industries.

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It enabled him to travel the world with his ex husband. He did not use his wealth to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

Somizi Mhlongo is associated with crypto trading systems

Somizi endorses Bitcoin Trader

Steve McKay, a specialist in financial markets, developed Bitcoin Trader. Although some tech sites claim Somizi Hlongo is a Bitcoin Trader investment, there is no evidence that Somizi Mhlongo supports Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Trader’s name implies that it can only trade Bitcoin. But, Bitcoin Trader can automate the trading and settlement of other cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Bitcoin Trader in our review.

Somizi Mhlongo Bitcoin Trader

Another celebrity that is rumored to have invested in Bitcoin Trader is Somizi Hlongo. However, these rumors have been proven false. Bitcoin Trader claims that it automates trading Bitcoin through a crypto-exchange and allows traders to enter quickly the crypto market.

Trading with Bitcoin Traders has its benefits

Bitcoin Trader, a well-known bitcoin trader robot, is available. These are the main features of this robot.

  • Robots report a 88% success rate
  • A simple to use and user-friendly trading platform
  • No minimum deposit required – 250$
  • Innovative trading algorithm based on technical and fundamental analysis

How to invest Bitcoin Trader

Opening an account with Bitcoin Trader is very simple. Here are the steps needed to get you started.

  • Register for an account by clicking this link
  • Deposit $250
  • To allow the robot to do all the work, click on the “Live!” button

Bitcoin Revolution and Somizi Mhlongo

In most countries, the Bitcoin Revolution platform is a hot trend. According to reports, this is currently the most widely used cryptocurrency trading platform. The Bitcoin Revolution platform is making a lot of money, according to many reviews. Most reviewers stated that they are seeing significant profit every day from this platform.

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Bitcoin Revolution uses contracts-for-different (CFDs), in order to trade bitcoin. These financial derivatives also go by the name financial derivatives. This trading system requires no special skills. All trades are done on autopilot.

Somizi Mohlongo is a supporter of Bitcoin Revolution on TV

We conducted extensive research and found that Somizi never spoke of Bitcoin Revolution. A tv show featuring Bitcoin Revolution would expose millions to South Africa and Bitcoin Revolution. Social media sites and news sites would be overflowing with questions, news, and hashtags about Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution: The Benefits

According to reports, 95% success rate of Bitcoin Revolution has been reported.

You can open a demo account on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform to allow traders to get acquainted with its user interface.

Registering takes just a few moments.

Profits can be made and withdrawals processed in less than 24 hours.

How to trade Bitcoin Revolution

These steps will allow for you to trade on Bitcoin Revolution Platform.

  1. Register now to open an account
  2. Minimum $250 Deposit
  3. It is possible to trade using the Demo Account
  4. Live Trading

Bitcoin Loophole

The Bitcoin Loophole was established in 2019. It automates trades using software created by a number of Fintech businesses. This generates daily profit. Based on customer feedback, and author’s experiences, Bitcoin Loophole is capable of completing transactions in fractions or less time than most algorithms and takes only a fraction of the time as an average trading software.

Somizi Mohlongo is a supporter of the Bitcoin Loophole

The show features celebrities from all walks of life and covers a broad range of issues and topics. There have been rumors that some celebrities could be members of Bitcoin Loophole. But, this was not confirmed and has not been mentioned on the show.

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The Bitcoin Loophole: Benefits

Bitcoin Loophole’s trading platform doesn’t charge any fees nor commissions

It is safe and secure

It can be optimized by statisticians or experts to ensure traders have a greater winning percentage in trading.

The system is available at all hours of the day and night. You can withdraw funds anytime you like.

How to trade Bitcoin Loophole

  1. Register on Bitcoin loophole portal.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. Demo trading is the best way for you to start.
  4. Trade for Real.

Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit, another Bitcoin Robot, claims it can earn high profits. Software claims a 92% success rate which means it can make money from all trades. It claims it uses a complicated algorithm to determine entry points and exit points, creating gains for its users.

You can read more about Bitcoin profit in our comprehensive review.

Somizi Mhlongo Bitcoin Profit

Rumours have circulated claiming that a British television host is investing in Bitcoin Profit robots. This is false. We have not found any evidence linking Somizi Hlongo to the Bitcoin robot.

Users claim the bot uses the best algorithm on the market.

Bitcoin Profit does not require any prior trading experience. Minimum deposit is $250

Bitcoin Profit Trading has its benefits

Bitcoin Profit is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that can be downloaded for free. It claims to maximize investors’ trading profits. These are the main features of this robot.

  • Reputable trading platform
  • The platform is free to you
  • The algorithm has a 92% win rate
  • Offers a free demo account

How to make Bitcoin profit

Bitcoin Profit makes it easy to open an Account. Follow these steps to get started at Bitcoin Profit



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